Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess the Cheese - Answers

I was so busy ranting about salt and cheese I forgot to post the answers to 'Guess the Cheese'. There is still time to play – resist looking at the answers below and click the link to the ‘Guess the Cheese’ post to your right.


a) “Sapphire Cheese” = Fromage d'Affinois. Apparently d’Affinois sounds like ‘Sapphire’ (?)

b) “Columbian Cheese” = Coulommiers – pronounced ‘cool-om-yay’, which sounds a bit like ‘Columbia’. Kind of…if you squint…

c) “The cheese name sounded like ‘ravioli’” = Robiola – a small, usually geo-rinded cow/goat and/or sheep cheese from Piedmont. Generally not available in Australia, so I recommended Brunet or La Tur

d) “The gorgonzola with mushrooms in it” = Cacio di Bosco – the truffle pecorino. This one stumped me for a while, but a few questions revealed that the customer had confused ‘Pecorino’ with ‘Gorgonzola’, and truffles with mushrooms

e) “That blue cheese from Darwin” = Tarwin Blue, from Berry’s Creek Cheesery. Sounds very much like ‘Darwin’

This just highlights the trouble people have with unusual names cheeses – I guess it can be pretty intimidating to come in and shop for things you can’t pronounce. Cheese buyers take note – just try your best, the person behind the counter should be able to work it out given enough clues!

Cheese retailers – feel free to submit your own challenges for the next round of ‘Guess that Cheese’.

Stay tuned next Post for 'A Tale of Two Cheeses'.

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  1. I love this game.
    And I thought I would get one right but I was stumped. I would have needed follow up clues I think!
    I'm trying to think of my own 'Guess that Cheese' but all that comes to mind is 'That creamy cheese with sweet chilli' Does that count?