Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New York - A Cheese Odyssey 2011

Hi All

Wow - New York was a BLAST! There is so much cool cheese stuff going on there. Met so many inspiring people - retailers, cheese-makers, authors. We hit most of the 'top spots' for cheese - did a class at Murrays and Artisanal, enjoyed the accompaniments at Casellula, got a 2 hour private interview with cheese legend Max McCalman, watched the cheddaring at Beechers, visisted Jasper Hill and Consider Bardwell up in Vermont AND got a lesson in preparing the perfect cheese trolley at Picholine restaurant. A MASSIVE thank-you to everyone who helped us out and gave us their time.

The 'cheese-monger olympics' were another highlight - there was an energy there that I wish I could have bottled and brought back home for all my cheese-y friends to breathe in. 40 mongers competing, about 400 people in the crowd and a massive cheese party happening in the background. I got through the first 2 rounds OK, but didn't quite make the 'cut' during round 3 to get into the final 10 contestants.

Here are some pics of the highlights. Unfortunately we were so busy filming everything (fingers crossed for a TV show), that we didn't take as many pics as usual :( hope you enjoy anyway.

NYC Cheese Pics link


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  1. Ah, just came across your blog! Too bad I wasn't here to greet you too! I am starting a creamery in Manhattan. Drop by on your next visit?